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Mammal Taxidery

What You Need To Provide

You will need to get the specimen to the taxidermist as soon as you can. Try your best to keep your specimen as clean as possible from dirt, blood or fluids.

Never cut up the front of the neck or throat. It is better to skin large mammals right away. But with smaller mammals, you can freeze them whole (do not gut). Keep your specimen cool and dry, and never drag the specimen as this will cause hair damage.

Make sure to include all the appropriate permits and/or licenses. Please call before your hunt to make sure the specimen is prepared to the taxidermists’ requests. The better shape it is brought in will directly result in a higher quality of the mount.

If possible; always leave the most difficult areas to skin up to the taxidermist to do, unless you have experience.

For shoulder mounts; cut around the body, well behind the front legs making sure to have all the arm pit and brisket/belly area all in one piece. Tube skin up to the skull and sever from the carcass at this point in time.

For life size mounts; make the appropriate incisions and try to keep cuts straight. Remove skin from the carcass severing the legs from the feet at the ankles or wrists. Work skin off of the body and remove the skull from the carcass at the first joint of the spine, leaving the skull in the hide. Fold skin to skin, roll up, and place in plastic bag and freeze right away.