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We are proud to note that the same effort is placed into the design composition and balance of our displays. All of the carpentry and bases are custom built with pride and dedication. With all these elements combined, we have endeavoured to make our mounts one of the highest forms of wildlife art.

Our mounts are so realistic they beg to be touched. Our product quality is consistent from start to finish. The end result will be an original piece of wildlife art designed especially for you, a cherished family heirloom.

Each habitat has been individually designed to reflect the anatomy, body, attitude and behaviour as well as to enhance the mounts best features. All of our habitats are hand crafted. Every feature is individually detailed, bringing life and realism to even the more trivial characteristics.

We have always built our image on excellence. Our work is not solely limited to each individuals imagination.

With almost three decades of research and development, Advanced Taxidermy is jubilant in our teams’ experience. Advanced Taxidermy’s presentations pay tribute to the animals while portraying the beauty of our natural world.

We realize you want the finished product to be as close as possible to your memorable trophy; therefore we take pride in offering you the best quality of work in the industry.