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We have worked on lots of great projects and have heard many great tales.

We have compiled a short list of places that have produced a memorable experience, and a trophy catch that is “no tall tale”.

We know, we reproduced them. As for the exact spot they were caught, well we will never say, except that all great catches worth remembering come back to us, sooner more than later.

Resorts, Lodges & Guides

Accessible Canadian Adventures

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodges

Amazon Tours

Aylmer Lake Lodge

Baranof Wilderness Lodge

Belknap Guide Service

Big Amazon Fish

Bolton Lake Lodge

Bow River Adventures

Dent Island Lodge

Dove Island Lodge

Elk Island Lodge

Fisherman’s Choice

Flower’s River Lodge

Fyfe’s Sea & Stream Charters

High Arctic Lodge

Fishing Canada


Garden Island Lodge

Highliner Lodge

Jimmie Jack’s Lodge

Joes Salmon Lodge

Kain’s Fishing Adventures

Kluane Wilderness Lodge

Kumarakom Guide

Lakers Unlimited Inc.

Langara Fishing Lodge

Miramichi Black Rapids Lodge

Nootka Wilderness Lodge

Ole’s Lodge

Peregrine Lodge

Queen Charlotte Lodge

Sunds Lodge

UTV 24-7 UTV Accessories

Wollaston Lake Lodge


Ontario Monster Whitetails Magazine