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About Advanced Taxidermy

What We Do

Advanced Taxidermy does a full line of taxidermy; including big game, life size mounts, shoulder mounts, tanning, birds, mammals, reptiles, fish as well as recreations and reproductions. This is not limited to sculpture, carving dioramas, trophy rooms, murals, as well as custom carpentry.

Our History

Advanced Taxidermy has been in business for over 35 years established in 1986. Inspired by nature, hunting and fishing, and being avid fishermen and hunters brought the idea of Advanced Taxidermy to life. It all started by “playing” in taxidermy with fish, eventually becoming self-taught in all aspects of the taxidermy process.

We experimented with moulding and incorporated this into our work. Advanced Taxidermy opened and became a licensed business when Shawn Galea was just 16 years old, and achieved Master Taxidermist status at the age of 17. Shawn went on to judging his first competition at the age of 18, and his work quickly became sought after by fishermen. Shawn would even bring finished mounts to the river with him to show the other anglers fishing. Advanced Taxidermy currently operates out of a 6,000 SQFT studio. Both Shawn and James studied the arts in school, giving them have a great art background. They have also followed almost identical paths in their careers.

Our Unique Approach

Having a background in the arts; unique perspective as the art aspect came first before the hunting and/or fishing component. The artistic experience has given Advanced Taxidermy a different perspective to the taxidermy industry than most. Concept and design components of each display come naturally, with knowledge of artistic balance.

What Is Important To Us

It is important that we provide the highest quality mount and the best source possible to our client, as they are the most important person in our team. We are dependent on them and they are a partner in our business, giving us an opportunity to do work for them.

Why We Do It

It is a passion. We just love wildlife and the shooting sports and fishing. There is nothing else we would like to do. We are blessed to be able to do this and get paid for doing it.