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Arctic marine mammals are not commonly found in taxidermy studios throughout North America, due to how few of these specimens are harvested. We are proud to have experience with doing Walrus mounts, a hunter targeting one of these for the trophy room can be assured of the quality mount done by Advanced Taxidermy.

Walrus mounts demand experience and attention to be able to be "pulled off" convincingly. The hide has to be properly tanned and requires as much attention from both the inside as well as the outside. These mounts require a complete paint restoration of colour as well as custom made eyes; as they have a uniquely shaped eyeball (more square than round).

Detailing is immaculately done right down to open mouth work with custom moulded jaw sets and even ivory if the client wishes.

We can do a shoulder mount with replica tusks from the original as well as a full skull mount with original tucks installed; both of the same animal. No project is too difficult with Advanced Taxidermy.

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Check out some of our work. If you don't see what you're looking for in the list below. Don't fret. Give us a call. If you've got a photo. We can replicate it.

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