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Silver Fox
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An easily recognizable animal, the fox is always a fun project here at Advanced Taxidermy. Small mammals always make a fun and colourful addition to any trophy room.

Built with the same work and procedures as the big game at Advanced Taxidermy, these mounts look stunning when complete. Proper tanning with these little animals is a very important step in the final look and detailing of a mount.

Full jaw sets are used for open mouth work complete with proper fleshy gum line. As well as replica noses with full nostril details. These procedures leave an uncanny realism to the mount that exudes life. Each mount is custom built to the proper sizes of each particular fox and sculpted and posed to portray the attitude of the fox in each mount.

These specimens make great additions as added features to the habitats of larger mounts and dioramas.

We Create Replicas of
Every Mammal Species

Check out some of our work. If you don't see what you're looking for in the list below. Don't fret. Give us a call. If you've got a photo. We can replicate it.

Silver Fox - Floor Pedestal
Silver Fox
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Silver Fox - FT Floor Pedestal
Silver Fox
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