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African mounts acquire more attention than North American. These animals are famous for epidermal issues from hair and surface skin loss to bug damage caused by the "situation" on the processing and temperatures of Africa during these hunts.

It is very important to make sure the outfitters priority is to process your hides and capes to the quickest and best results. African mounts really can test the skill level of any taxidermist. It is a necessity to be able to repair damaged areas to a "more than convincing" degree. A proper tan is important, with extremely short hair that these animals have. A soft and pliable tanned skin with lots of stretch is required.

Advanced Taxidermy takes the time to accurately recreate the musculature and veining details in every armature. Each being custom built to fit your hide to its largest dimensions. A properly processed armature with a compatible hide paste ensures that all the detailing applied to the mount will stay and look the same for the rest of time.

Right down to the finest of wrinkles African mounts are a large part of the mammal department at Advanced Taxidermy and the vast quantity of African mounts that have passed through the studio assures the need experience have been attained for only the highest quality of work.

African mounts also require a lot of paint work for not only the skin areas of the mount. With an art background, the paint application is Advanced Taxidermy's forte ensuring an extremely life like and detailed mount.

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