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Northern Pike
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Found in freshwater throughout the northern hemisphere, this species is the most sought after in this family of fish on a world wide scale. As ambush predators, Pike typically lie in wait for prey; holding perfectly still for long periods of time and exhibit remarkable acceleration as they strike.

Hard hitting strikes are what anglers love about the Northern Pike. Similar in appearance to its cousin the Musky, the Northern Pike is easily recognizable from their long bodies. Generally green in colour with light spots covering its body and face, with yellow and dark green striped fins. Similar to the Musky, these fish also have large predator teeth that deserve respect.

A more than formidable angling match, the Northern Pike makes a popular trophy to hang on any anglers' wall. With full throat and gill detail on the Northern Pike replicas here at Advanced Taxidermy, every client boasts larges smiles at their Northern Pike mounts hanging on their walls. The Northern Pike is definitely a client favourite here at Advanced Taxidermy.

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Northern Pike, Walleye and Perch - FT- Custom Handcrafted Bar
Northern Pike
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Northern Pike & Lake Trout - River Habitat - Store Display)
Northern Pike
Northern Pike - FT Hand Crafted Executive Coffee Table
Northern Pike
Northern Pike and Grayling - Coffee Table
Northern Pike
Northern Pike and Grayling - Coffee Table Detail
Northern Pike
Northern Pike - Hanging Wall Habitat
Northern Pike
Northern Pike,Yellow Perch and Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Northern Pike
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