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Brook Trout
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The Brook Trout also known as the Speckled Trout and Square Tail is one of the most sought after stream fish targeted by fly fishermen.

A member of the Char family, the Brook Trout is the smallest of the family and is probably the most colourful fish to be found in freshwater especially said for the male species during the spawning phase of its life cycle.

Even small catches of these fish are valued and prized trophies.

Mimicking the original our Brook Trout replicas and mounts have very intricately detailed spots halos and vermiculation; one might think this species is one of the hardest fish to paint. But embracing challenges, Advanced Taxidermy looks forward to every Brook Trout replica that is produced in the studio.

As they are extremely time consuming in painting, the end results are definitely worth the time invested.

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Brook Trout - FT - Fly Tying Desk
Brook Trout
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Brook Trout - FT Executive Table Base
Brook Trout
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