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Black Crappie
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The Black Crappie is a freshwater fish found in North America. It is very similar to the White Crappie in size shape and habits. The big difference amongst these species is the colour of the fish.

Black Crappies are a very popular sport fish with great table fair, and sought after for that and a fun fish to catch. Although they are a smaller species of fish, they give a big fight. These fish mounted up in a group mount of specimens always come to the delight of viewers. Recalling fishing trips of yester-years or great times spent with the kids.

Our Black Crappie Replicas and Mounts are very intricate in colour and pattern. With many years of research, it has brought working on these fish an enjoyable project in the Advanced Taxidermy studio.

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Black Crappie - FT - Executive End Table
Black Crappie
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Black Crappie - FT- Driftwood and Log Slab
Black Crappie
Black Crappie and Pumpkinseed Sunfish
Black Crappie
Black Crappie and Bluegill - Detail
Black Crappie
Black Crappie and Bluegill
Black Crappie
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