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Arctic Grayling
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Arctic Grayling are known as the "sunfish" of the north. This fish's large, sail like dorsal fin makes the Grayling entirely distinct from any other freshwater fish in North America.

Although unique in appearance, the graylings colouration can range from iridescent blues and lavenders to dark blackish blues. Every Scale has an iridescent shimmer. The dorsal fin has rows of spots tipped with a strong red edge, and beautiful vertical fins. The spots tend to be found on the sides of the fish closer to the head.

Recreating an Arctic Grayling Mount or Replica is definitely another favourite to work on in the Advanced Taxidermy paint department. Although a challenge to paint, with years of research and development we have created a scale by scale painting technique that recreates this intricate pattern and colour that is unmatched in the industry.

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Arctic Grayling - Group Mount FT Hand Crafted Pedestal
Arctic Grayling
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Arctic Grayling - Wall Habitat
Arctic Grayling
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