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A popular collection of birds in any trophy room are migratory birds such as ducks. A popular wing shooting sport, ducks come in a vast degree of species each with its own unique characteristics of shape size and colour. The Woodduck is a great example of this.

The Woodduck is one of the most recognized and colourful of the duck species. Beautifully displayed standing or flying, the Woodduck is always proudly displayed in any trophy room. Bird mounts here at Advanced Taxidermy are processed properly to ensure a lifetime of viewing investment. Skins are processed to the fullest, skinned properly, turned, fleshed, degreased, washed and hand dried with air for the best and softest results. Replica parts are cast including carcass casts to ensure proper size, shape and anatomy.

Skillfully mounted, the skins are placed to their proper position. Much time is invested in feather tracking to ensure the highest quality of the mount. Exposed skin areas are repainted to realism to the skill of "old world" craftsmanship.

The birds are posed to showcase the attitude and character of each species. Ducks really lend themselves to elaborate habitats and displays whether it is field edges or water scenery. Habitats compliment these displays to the utmost detail.

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Wood Duck
Wood Duck
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Wood Duck
Wood Duck
Wood Duck - Ground Movement Wall Mount
Wood Duck
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