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Sharptail Grouse
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Some of the most memorable bird hunts have to be upland game birds. These birds mounted are not only beautiful but immortalize these memories. The Sharp-tail Grouse is a very unique Upland Game Bird. Posed in a courting posed, always brings interest and questions. The Sharp-tail Grouse is a formidable species to hunt and is a great addition to and collection.

All of the bird mounts here at Advanced Taxidermy are processed properly from the beginning to the end. The skins are treated with the best of our care, the carcasses are removed from the skin and the skin is fleshed, degreased, tanned and washed to perfection. The final stage of skin prep has the team at Advanced Taxidermy dry the feathers by hand with a cool air from a hair dryer or compressor.

Once completely ready for mounting the skin is correctly attached to an armature specifically made for this bird. A carcass cast will duplicate the bird exactly to the point where a lot of the skin and feather tracking ensures the highest quality of the Sharp-tail Grouse mounts finished in natural habitats. These birds are always proudly displayed in every trophy room.

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Sharptail Grouse
Sharptail Grouse
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