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I have been fishing for over forty years; I have seen a drastic reduction in game fish populations everywhere. Although the Ministry of Natural Resources has done all they can under scrutiny of reduced budgets. You may feel as I do, it's time the outdoors enthusiast considers alternatives.

Several years ago I was attending a Spring Fishing Show and there I bumped into two very professional young gentlemen who were promoting fish "replication". Rather than catch and kill your trophy sized fish, you could quickly measure the length and the girth (around the belly measurement), then take a couple of close-up shots with your camera, live release the fish so it could continue to reproduce naturally and may be caught another time or two. By doing this we would increase the fish populations particularly on the heavily fished lakes. Their idea struck a nerve! Until I met these guys, I had no idea that this process could by done so perfectly, these fellows even enhance the appearance of a natural looking fish. Being interested as I was in art, these two were truly "Masters" at their craft. But only could these pieces of art grace your walls they could be transformed into pieces of exquisite furniture under glass or executive desk top pen holders. Because you aren't using "skin mounts" there would be no after market maintenance from shrinking.

Next time you catch a big one, remember you bring along a camera and a measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pen, list the measurements, then call Advanced Taxidermy and tell them, Dan sent you!

Replicating Options
Pro Angler Daniel Sturges

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