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These fake fish looks so real they beg to be touched. And they last and last.

As wildlife artists of Advanced Taxidermy, Shawn Galea and James McGregor revolutionized the preservation of wildlife. The unique style displayed in their work has allowed Shawn and James to achieve outstanding success in Canadian and American competitions. In 1989, during the Canadian Taxidermy Association competition, they achieved three first place and two 'best of class' awards.

Both have received multiple first place ribbons in various competitions and are considered masters in the field of taxidermy. Their biggest challenge was to capture nature's beauty consistently in each and every mount. To Shawn and James, taxidermy has become a science using conventional skin-mounts and replicas. Research and analysis of the anatomy of fish, birds, and mammals has made nature their only competition.

Fall, 1990
Canadian Sport Fishing

By Italo Labignan

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