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Inglewood Taxidermy Captures Red's Last Catch

Advanced Wildlife Design breathes new life into the age-old skill of taxidermy and wildlife 'replicas'

A recent Fishing Forever Foundation fundraising gala in Oakville was a huge success, thanks largely to the creative talents of Inglewood's Advanced Taxidermy and Wildlife Design and the guest of honor, Red Fisher- host of Canadian-based "The Red Fisher Show". Fisher has been an icon to North American anglers for decades.

This past summer, Fisher and Bob Izumi of the "The Real Fishing Show" traveled to Nunavut to shoot a television show being billed as "Red's Last Cast". At age 90, Fisher felt it was time to take one last big fishing trip with the boys. He chose Izumi not only to accompany him, but to record the trip for the upcoming television special.

During the trip Fisher landed a 44-inch trophy pike on Ennadai Lake. Shawn Galea and James McGregor, owners of Advanced Taxidermy in Inglewood, willingly donated their services. Their outstanding replica of Fisher's Lunker was presented to him by Galea.

In turn, Fisher generously donated the trophy back to The Fishing Forever Foundation to be auctioned off. While it was expected to be the 'catch' of the evening, no one could have guessed that the final bid would be $22,000. The successful bidder was Arthur Lee, co-founder of the Solidwear Group of companies. Lee donated the replica back to The Fishing Forever Foundation.

Bob and Wayne Izumi said that, thanks to the generosity of Red Fisher, Advanced Taxidermy and Arthur Lee, the autographed replica will be shared with Canadians through the public displays at various fishing tackle retail outlets. Bob Izumi has been a sponsor of Advanced Taxidermy for many years. He has been quoted as describing their work as "DNA accurate". Due to the exclusive techniques used by Advanced Taxidermy, the replica will never deteriorate, ensuring that 'Red's Last Catch' will remain a part of Canadian history indefinitely.

Saturday, Nov 27, 2004
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