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For Better or Worse

This Land: Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em meet the 30 people who've had the biggest impact on hunting, fishing and conservation in Canada since 1972

In the world of taxidermy, Shawn Galea and James McGregor are star material, having won numerous competitions at the master's level of their craft.

More importantly, however, the 33-year-olds have been at the forefront of promoting replica mounts- and giving catch-and-release fishing a shot in the arm in the process.

Through their business, Advanced Taxidermy, Galea and McGregor have shown that with a few simple measurements and some decent photos, anglers can have a lifelike mount without sacrificing the real thing.

While they might not be the first Canadians to use replica mounts, observes Rob Therrien of the Canadian Taxidermy Association, the pair has brought the craft to a whole new level.

Summer 2002
SATURDAYNIGHT Volume 117 Number 3

Mike Randolph

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