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Advanced: Breaking The Mold In Taxidermy Technology

Advanced Taxidermy and Wildlife Design from Ontario, Canada is returning to Long Beach for a second year at the show and again this year.

They have developed a scale-by-scale painting technique, enabling them to accurately capture the finest details. Their creations are so realistic they have been described as "DNA accurate".

Advanced uses actual fish specimens to form each mold. This ensures that they capture minute details, so precise you will be able to determine the age of the fish that you caught. With over 6,000 fish reproduction moulds, they claim to have the world's largest collection.

The company takes pride in the fact that their fish and wildlife recreations are considered among the best in the world. After many years of maturing a highly complex molding and finishing operation, they are confident that they have developed a truly remarkable product.

Their methods allow the conservation-minded angler to measure and release their catch and still have it reproduced. All that is required is a clear photograph and a brief description of the body of water and location in which the fish was caught.

February 24, 2006
Fred Hall

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